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-- worry not, for I am awesome! ♔

"...can we really broadcast this?"

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-- get in position, that's my mission 「♪」
6 August 1986
Hello. My name is Karen, and I don't own the picture posted above. I'm 22, but I act like I'm 8, which can be a good thing... sometimes. I post shit that's retarded, I tend to flail alot and probably not make much sense. I like to make fun of things, forget to post shit until days (or even weeks?) later. I used to be known as yoochun but changed it. La la random stuff, I like Junsu's butt and I cannot lie. My friends Jasmine and Jenn are my braintwins (which... is bad. I think. I'm not sure). Lisa has a homosexual tendency towards me, which I ttly love. Melissa calls me special, and most of my friends list think I'm retarded. Which... I think is just a me-thing. I like Gundam 00 alot, Code Geass was still is my homolust and BLIZZARD makes my favorite games in the world. I like RPG games, but I don't like to RP myself. Amazing right?

DISCLAIMER: I cause brain injury, so handle me with care! :(


abingdon boys school, all hail lelouch, alto's failness, amatsuki, animanga, bleach, brainsharing with jenn, chicken covers, code geass, cute things like haro, d.gray-man, dying at watching anime, faster than a kiss, flailing like an idiot, grimmkow, gundam 00, gundam 00 being gay, hitsugaya-taichouuuu~ ♥, hotaru akane, i am gundam, jasmine's faggy self, junjou romantica, kaichou wa maid-sama, koukou debut, kyou kara maou!, lisa's homosexual tendencies, love celeb, macross frontier, maria ozawa, music, narcoleptic characters ftw, naruto, not taking things seriously, pedojow, profanitiesssss, setsuna's srs face, shiawase kissa sanchoume, soul eater, sunako's nosebleeds, surprise!buttsex, taking-over-the-world-with-gundams, vampire knight, wolfram being gay, world of warcraft, yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, yaoi, yoochun shitting rainbows, 동방신기/東方神起

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