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PUBLIC* 「The 동방신기/東方神起 melodies of my life blog crew」

~insert claims here~ and ~here~: the 동방신기/東方神起 melodies of my life blog crew」

I figured since their new album was released, IT WAS A PERFECT TIME FOR THIS KIND OF BLOG CREW! We all have our favorite songs from them (whether it be in Korean or Japanese), but there's always that ONE those TWO songs that you can always listen to and think, "Yes! This These is are my songs!" Well, now is the perfect time for you to claim it! :)

  1. You may claim up to 2 songs per LJ user. No, we can't share songs, sorry. People on my friends list are welcomed to claim 3 songs, but if you're not, then don't ask. :D; I get 4 SHHHHH :D;;;;;
  2. You may claim either a Japanese released song and/or a Korean released song.
  3. Once a claim is taken, you cannot take that same claim if the same song you want was also released on a different single or album. Once a song is taken, it's taken, end of discussion.
  4. Two people can claim the same song ONLY IF IT WAS RELEASED IN JAPANESE, KOREAN OR ANY OTHER LANGUAGE, OR ITS A LIVE FROM AN ACTUAL SINGLE OR CONCERT ALBUM/DVD THING, like "One", "Hug (international version)", "Million Men (O Concert Live version)".
  5. SM Town released songs ONLY BY 東方神起/동방신기 ARE ACCEPTED. Like, "Evergreen", but not like "여행을 떠나요 (Let's go on a trip)".
  6. Compilations on singles are okay (like "Show Me Your Love", and "Timeless" and the Anyband songs).
  7. Solo songs, remixes, instrumentals and a cappella's are okay, they're accepted. Only because they sound amazing and... sometimes they're different lengths. THIS MADE SENSE IN MY MIND, OKAY?. D:
  8. Only officially released songs are accepted. Any song that hasn't been released yet is not (like Jaejoong's version of "Trick").
  9. You must put one of the codes up somewhere. I'm not really picky about this.
  10. You can change the colors and format it however if you want. Just as long as it links back, I'm not picky about this either.
  11. If you forgot what song you liked, you can look here or here.

OMG, I swear this isn't that much to read, but just to clear things up so that a million people won't claim the same thing. I really hope no-one thinks of me as a freak or something. XD;

Code (Japanese claim):

EXAMPLE: 「♪ DARKNESS EYES: the 東方神起 melody of my life」

Code (Korean claim):

EXAMPLE: 「♫ Million Men: the 동방신기 melody of my life」

And for those who use both, a code especially for you:

EXAMPLE: 「♪ Hug (International Version) and Forever Love (A cappella version) : the 동방신기/東方神起 melodies of my life」

Once you've decided on your claims, please comment with the title (and the version, if there's more than one, like the Japanese or Korean version), and I'll add it in as soon as I can. :)

Now, off to the claims:

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ATTENTION! This blog crew will be put on hiatus until noted otherwise. Sorry.
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PUBLIC* 「Sales post!」

Welcome to my sales post! Everything in this post is completely offical products and are in perfect condition unless stated otherwise. Feel free to ask for more pictures, just incase the ones provided aren't enough. I will be more than happy to send you more pictures.

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Thank you for looking at my items. :)
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PUBLIC* 「Pretty Boy Terror Event Series movie blogcrew ♥」

In celebration of Super Junior's movie being opened on July 26, 2007 (which, if you want to get technical, it was yesterday... or two days ago or something), I decided to make this blog crew to show off the gay wonderful roles each of them had.

  1. Only ONE claim per LJ account. No, you can't make another LJ just to claim another one. And no, we can't share. D:
  2. Must link back to this entry.
  3. Dead or deleted journals will be removed (unless you comment and I change it to your new LJ name).

  • heechul as the Dance Club President: Heechul
  • knockdown as the Dance club member/Kibum's partner in crime: Donghae
  • kwondaful as the Dance club member: Shindong
  • jangmi as the Student council president: Shiwon
  • 8bitgirlsbravo as the Student council vice-president/complete nerd: Ryeowook
  • ohfetus as the Judo club president: Kangin
  • malaciae as the Judo club vice-president/member: Eunhyuk
  • carviangli as the Blogger: Kibum
  • helzfyah as the Unknown role/Panda: Eeteuk
  • chanbanana as the Rockstar: Yehsung
  • lille_bean as the Basketball superstar: Hankyung
  • antipeace as the Pretty boy of the school: Sungmin
  • tokadah as the member who couldn't be there, but still loved: Kyuhyun


☆ ≫Pretty Boy Terror Events Blog Crew≪ ☆ → Donghae

※ Replace YOUR CLAIM HERE with the name of the member you chose.

Super Junior wouldn't be complete without Kyuhyun anymore, so, just for him, I decided to add an extra space for him. Since, you know, we all love him dearly. ♥

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